Jake Kershaw:

Jake Kershaw’s daily drive is the awesome and nippy Suzuki Swift Sport, so it’s apt that the perfect tyre for his car was the Le Sport KU39. Jake is a driver’s driver, he enjoys trundling to many other picturesque locations to getaway from the busy city life and racks up more than 350 miles per week!

Jake's Reviews

Le Sport KU39 – The tyres are fantastic!

For my final thoughts; the tyres are fantastic, great grip in the dry and surprising in the wet given the price range of the tyre. The fuel efficiency for the tyre was on par with the Continentals I had as standard and the Vredesteins I had after those. If I were to suggest improvement it would possibly be the road noise, it was slightly louder than the standard tyres but that could have been due to the slightly wider profile. 

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Le Sport KU39 – Sporty, durable and grippy!

What were your very first impressions of the tyres? Tell us how the first drive in your new tyres went.

Whilst driving away from the tyre fitters I could hear that the road noise was a lot less than my previously owned tyres and even at the low speeds I was driving at through Castleford, the tyres were sure-footed and very responsive.

How do your new tyres compare to your previous tyres?

My previous tyres that I had on my car were priced around £85 a tyre, compared to the KU39. In comparison the Sessantas had a louder road noise and slightly poorer grip when driving in the wet.

How have your new tyres faired during both dry and wet road conditions?

The grip in both the wet and dry conditions is fantastic, braking distances in the rain are not much worse than in the dry, unless there is a lot of standing water, obviously. In the dry they inspire confidence and egg you on to take ‘B’-road routes over a busy dual carriageway.

How would you describe the comfort levels of your new Kumho Tyre tyres?

As previously mentioned the road noise is quite low vs competitors and the tyres resist being dragged into ruts. They also feel very smooth at high-speeds on motorways. They are also approximately 2-4 mpg more efficient over my 350 mile a week commute, making my wallet comfier.

How have you found the handling capabilities of the Le Sport KU39 tyres, so far?

The KU39’s are a great tyre for spirited driving on back roads. The tyre grip close to the limit is progressive meaning they wont let go of the road without warning and dump you into a ditch. The tyre turn-in is good and they feel like they rollover less than my previous rubber. They even handle the wet well and resist aqua-planning more effectively than my previous tyres.

Tell us about an interesting journey you’ve had or an exciting destination you’ve been to?

Over the Easter holidays I went to Whitby for a few days, this meant driving on a mix of dual carriageway’s and twisty ‘A’-roads. The tyres soaked up the bumps of the A64 well and were great when we got to the A169. Over the moors they reacted well to the dips and dives even gripping on off camber corners. They were especially pleasing when they helped prevent a collision with a car overtaking a tractor on a blind bend, allowing me to swerve sharply and stop easily to have a few choice words with the other driver.

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