Daniel Irwin:

Daniel is the proud owner of a Land Rover Freelander 2 in a stunning Loire Blue colour. There’s not a day that goes by without Daniel wanting to keep his SUV in pristine ‘showroom’ condition. When Daniel is not behind the wheel of his Freelander, another adventure begins. He enjoys walks in nearby forests with his wife. They both show an adventurous side and enjoy going into the countryside as it’s at this point Neil doesn’t mind the boggy and muddy terrain to unleash his Land Rover.

Daniel's Reviews

THE CRUGEN HP91 – Stuck to the road like glue!

A round up of the tyres is a hard one to say the least, because it’s all very positive. Hard to find anything bad to say if truth be told. Having run the tyres from spring through to spring they have had everything thrown that them, from sun to snow.

Dry grip is very excellent, cornering, braking, perfect even at speed with the 1.8 ton Freelander 2, to say its like a train on rails is an understatement.

Wet grip is the most shocking part though. Compared to my last tyres (Pirelli scorpion Verde) that had appalling wet grip the Kumho tyres stuck to the road like glue! I really cant put into words how impressed I was with the level of wet grip, even when going through standing water at speed the vehicle stayed sure footed and the tyres felt stable.

Ice, slush, snow is something that’s always a worry, but coupled with the Landrovers terrain response the Freelander 2 always went where I wanted it to go, these really are tyres I would go out and buy time and time again with complete trust in how they perform.

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The Crugen HP91 – Big ass tread!

Have you been on any fun adventures in your new tyres?

The tyres have been on some awesome adventures since I had them fitted from the most idyllic lakes settings to stunning South Coast Beach locations.

How far have you travelled on your tyres?

We (Daniel and his Freelander 2) are now fully scrubbed in and the grip is very impressive. The truck is into 73k miles now and the miles will soon be building-up with more roads and trails waiting to be munched up!

Can we have one paragraph to review the road noise, tread durability and comfort?

The tyre noise around town has been very pleasing with minimal sound levels. Motorway noise is of a moderate level with slight noise entering the cabin; braking noise is stunning with no real sound being projected even under very harsh braking.

Tread durability is second to none! I have put the tyres to the test though harsh braking, hard cornering and fast and slow gravel tracks with mud and ruts. I have used my Freelander 2 with some beach driving and still the tread looks brand new. I’m totally blown away with how they have stood up against the different terrains and they eject stones from the tread with great efficiency. The tyres have been very refined and comfortable giving a luxury feel and with great tyre wall strength but with superb comfort and an overall relaxing ride.

What types of roads have you mainly been driving on? (Country/off-road/motorway/urban)

Town, motorway, country lanes, gravel tracks, beach, muddy rutted lanes, driving over farmers fields to gain access to lakes. All with no tyre issues.

Would you recommend Kumho Tyres to your family and friends?

Great news. I already have been. Anyone that even mentions tyres gets told how great my test tyres have been and without question. I will recommend Kumho Tyre’s because they say what they do and can back this up with the way they offer great durability results.


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