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All Terrain

Mud Terrain



Road Venture AT KL78

Aggressive off-road traction combined with surprisingly good road manners. This all-terrain tyre is ideal for the 4×4 driver who demands more performance off-road. With great traction on hard and soft surfaces, and a tread that disperses water and mud, the KL78 offers great handling and a quieter ride.

  • Excellent traction, both on and off road
  • Efficient water evacuation for reduced risk of aquaplaning
  • Extra protection from penetrations, cuts, and scrubbing
  • Optimum traction combined with a quieter ride

Road Venture MT KL71

The ultimate in off-road traction. This tyre offers the ultimate in mud terrain and rock crawling performance. Ideal for those looking for impressive off-road capabilities, the KL71’s massive lugs deliver fantastic traction, with a tread that is highly resistant to cutting and chipping.

  • Significantly less road noise compared with standard Mt tyres
  • Exceptional self-cleaning and traction, for outstanding performance in mud and on rocks
  • Enhanced wet performance, climbing ability and traction, both on and off road
  • Protects the sidewall by absorbing external impact, for improved durability

Road Venture MT51

Kumho Tyre SUV Latest Generation Mud Terrain Tyre

  • Optimised for off-road and mud terrain use
  • Ultimate traction through zigzag grooves and robust shoulder design
  • Mud and stone ejecting tread pattern structure
  • Improved on-road performance
  • With M+S marking and snowflake (3PMSF)
  • Professional Off-Road tyre


By Ben

I've got these on my L200 pickup, which I use for towing various trailers and equipment through fields and roads. They have been very good so far in the mud, snow and ice. I highly recommend these, because they are very well priced in comparison to others and have taken a lot of abuse so far!






  • Superb road handling characteristics
  • Fitted as original equipment
  • For SUVs and off-road vehicles


The handling performance the modern SUV needs. New to the Kumho range, the Crugen HP91 is a high- performance tyre for SUVs that offers optimum wet grip and good stability, even at high speed. Expect low wear, excellent aquaplaning resistance and better all-round handling.

  • Maximum block rigidity and durability
  • Efficient water evacuation, for reduced risk of aquaplaning
  • Low wear through high dispersible silica
  • Improved handling and stability on all surfaces


The ultimate in handling and comfort for luxury SUVs. This all-new premium SUV tyre offers the very latest in high-quality comfort and optimum steering stability in on-road conditions. Perfect for family-sized luxury SUVs that demand lower noise and comfort with well-balanced dry and wet traction.

  • High class premium all season touring tyre for luxury SUVs
  • Stable braking performance
  • Improved aquaplaning resistance
  • Reduced road harmonics and better comfort performance


Total control for SUVs, even at high speed. The ECSTA KL17 combines class-leading on-road comfort with high levels of high-speed driving stability and aqua–planing resistance.

  • Maximum performance for luxury SUVs
  • High-speed driving stability
  • Enhanced cornering power
  • Rapid water evacuation

Road Venture APT KL51

Low noise and high comfort in all seasons. The road venture APT KL51 is a street terrain tyre designed for tremendous all-season traction, low noise, and long mileage. with its wide tread, drivers can expect excellent stability and ride comfort.

  • Excellent grip under acceleration and braking in both wet and dry conditions
  • Enhanced driving stability and a more comfortable ride at high speed
  • Improved performance on wet and snowy roads
  • Provides improved mileage together with excellent wet and dry traction

Road Venture KL16

  • Excellent on-road driving characteristics
  • Suitable for use on mild off-road terrain
  • Fitted as original equipment
  • For SUVs and off-road vehicles

Solus KH15

  • Excellent handling and braking ability in wet and dry conditions
  • Streamlined centre blocks designed to maximise high speed stability and water drainage
  • Shoulder blocks aligned for minimum noise
  • Straight longitudinal grooves to prevent aquaplaning


Specially developed for premium SUVs and cross-overs. Engineered with a focus on luxury, all-season traction and ride comfort with improved rolling resistance and fuel economy, the KL21 is on the original equipment list for a multitude of vehicles.

  • Enhanced fuel economy and even wear
  • Increased handling stability
  • Optimised traction on wet and snowy roads
  • Smoother, quieter ride

Izen KC15

Secure winter performance for modern SUVs. An asymmetrically patterned tyre with specially designed sipes for excellent traction in snowy and icy conditions.

  • Powerful snow traction
  • Effective grip and braking power in snowy and icy road conditions
  • Four wide longitudinal grooves for balanced performance
  • Enhanced wet performance
  • Optimum wet traction, handling and ride comfort