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Class-leading fuel efficiency. The asymmetric Ecowing ES01 KH27’s eco-friendly characteristics afford better rolling resistance and significant fuel savings in comparison to equivalent conventional tyres, combined with improved handling and wet performance.

  • Improved water clearance for high levels of wet performance
  • Excellent handling and cornering in dry and wet conditions
  • Improved fuel efficiency and driving safety

Solus 4s HA31

  • Superb and well-balanced performance in all weather conditions
  • Outstanding handling performance on wet roads
  • Very good traction on snowy roads
  • High mileage capability
  • Strong winter performance
  • For small and compact cars as well as mid-size saloons

Solus KH14

  • Excellent driving characteristics in dry and wet conditions
  • Fitted as original equipment
  • For modern SUV vehicles


A contemporary tyre for small to medium sized cars The Solus KH17 offers excellent stability and proven high levels of wet and dry traction.

  • Exceptional stability
  • Excellent cornering grip and braking ability
  • Reduced heat build-up, for improved wet grip and durability


By Franky Attard

Hi, I travelled 95,000 kilometres with a set of 4Kumho Solus size 205 / 60 / 16 without any problem. I raced in the rain cornered at 80kilometres per hour in 1 feet of water and my car does not slip. But I am disappointed with Kumho Ecowing ES01, they broke and it was lost money after 3weeks, and no refund from you.I like KUMHO and I like to buy Solus KH 17 again.
In Malta Kumho does not send enough tires so that the Maltese people know what Kumho tyres do.When I say to my colleges what I done with Kumho tyres, they do not believe me. I like to order from this site but I cannot order because you ask me for a british code and my code is from Malta.
THANKS Franky.






  • Optimised rolling resistance
  • EU tyre label grade A/B
  • Outstanding handling performance on wet roads
  • Quiet and comfortable handling
  • Specifically designed for electric vehicles


Eco Performance Tyre.

  • Developed to reduce fuel consumption and preserve the environment by using eco-compounds
  • Secure handling & traction performance
  • Improved wet grip technology
  • Improved endurance & mileage


  • High level of steering response
  • Enhanced wet traction
  • Special silica-based compound for improved wet performance


  • Asymmetric design
  • Enhanced silica compound for improved braking performance in wet and dry
  • Outstanding aquaplaning performance for improved safety at high speeds


High performance, driven by race-derived technology. The ECSTA SPT KU31 tyre is for the driver who wants a fine balance between comfort, high performance and safety. It is also available in XRP run-flat fitment in some sizes.

  • Delivers excellent wet and dry traction in normal or high-speed driving conditions
  • Provides excellent water drainage and resistance to aquaplaning
  • Smooth ride and precise, responsive handling


By Toni

Now on my third set of these, brilliant in the dry, brilliant in the wet, slow to warm in the really cold weather, heavier wear rate on the fronts, but you cant have it all at these prices. Spain and back every year no issues. Works well at higher psi 45 front 40 rear.






Kumho Tyre Car The Improved Ultra-High Performance Tyre

  • Improved overall wet performance
  • Shorter braking distance
  • Improved resistance against lateral aquaplaning
  • Outstanding driving stability at high speed
  • Comes in new sizes to fit best selling executive saloons, luxury and sports cars


By Aaron Woolford

After spending so much money on continental's, dunlops and other premium brands, I've just paid over £100 less for two tyres and their performance is incredible in comparison. I chose a very wet day to have my tyres changed so was sceptical about pushing the tyres too far but the more and more I pushed it the bigger my smile got!

So impressed. Will never go back to those other brands now






  • Technologically enhanced tread compound for optimal wet grip
  • Driving stability at high speeds
  • Excellent aquaplaning performance
  • Improved cornering stability
  • For middle and upper range cars


The Improved Ultra-High Performance Tyre

  • Improved overall wet performance
  • Shorter braking distance
  • Improved resistance against lateral aquaplaning
  • Outstanding driving stability at high speed
  • Comes in new sizes to fit best selling executive saloons, luxury and sports cars


The Super-UHP Tyre for Sports Cars.

  • Latest generation silica compound
  • Excellent dry handling performance
  • High speed stability
  • Extremely short braking distance on dry roads
  • Precise steering response
  • Developed for ultimate sports cars

Solus KH16

  • Stylish symmetric tread design delivers a quiet and comfortable ride
  • Outstanding driving stability
  • Multi-siped, circumferential groove tread design ensures optimum water evacuation


  • High levels of handling
  • Long lasting wear
  • Low noise tread design


Ensuring the smoothest ride for executive cars. The ECSTA HS51 is the perfect tyre for luxury vehicle drivers who want smoothness and quietness with precision handling and braking. With its cutting-edge tread design and high-tech compound, this tyre offers the best of both worlds.

  • Exceptionally low noise, for a more comfortable ride
  • Maximum wet weather traction when cornering
  • optimised balance between performance and fuel efficiency


By Kim Newton

Following my earlier comments, I remain extremely happy with my choice of the HS51 XL tyres...and thanks for the recommendation.
Winter isn't the best time to test summer tyres but inevitably most of us only use one set all year round, so it's good to know their strengths and weaknesses.
I've now completed around 3000 miles and encountered a wide range of conditions.
Unsurprisingly the HS51 tyres struggled on fresh, dry snow but as it became wet and slushy the excellent anti-aquaplaning characteristics kicked in and grip levels improved massively.
Similarly, they don't really like damp road conditions, it's by no means bad but you do experience that 'greasy' sensation that comes from a road surface that's neither wet nor dry.
Wear rate so far appears excellent, as per my previous Kumhos, and now that I've had two bearings replaced, I can really appreciate the smooth and quiet ride.
The progressive and very positive grip levels, wet and dry, is very reassuring.
This is my third set of different summer Kumhos for this car, each having slightly different characteristics but overall with nothing really to choose between them, they've all been good, very good.
Will update again after some proper summer weather but I'm confident that I'll be just as happy with them and that there'll still have many miles of life left.






Power and control for high-performance saloons. Renowned for its well-balanced performance, the Kumho KH31 is perfect for drivers of higher powered saloons and estates who are looking for high-speed stability and excellent all-round performance. Now fitted as original equipment to the BMW 3 series.

  • Maximum water drainage
  • improved durability and handling performance
  • engineered for a perfect balance between wet and dry performance

Solus KH25

  • Balanced all season performance
  • Improved cold weather traction and aquaplaning performance
  • Variable-pitch block design for lower noise


  • Reinforced shoulder block design for enhanced handling
  • Dimple design at centre rib reinforces wet and wear performance
  • Advanced dual compound provides exceptional comfort and steering response without sacrificing mileage

WinterCraft WP51

  • Newly developed High Performance Tyre
  • Directional pattern design offering excellent resistance against aquaplanning
  • Enhanced grip on ice and snow through latest sipe technology
  • Silica tread compound for short braking distance
  • With M+S marking and snowflake (3PMSF)
  • For compact and medium cars

WinterCraft WP71

  • New compound technology for excellent braking performance in winter conditions
  • Excellent traction on snow and ice with new tread pattern design and 3D sipes
  • Optimised tyre construction for improved driving stability
  • Enhanced performance on wet roads through new tyre contour design
  • With M+S marking and snowflake (3PMSF)
  • For midsize saloons, luxury and sports cars