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July 2015

By Gray

Posted in Motorsports

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It all begins with a group of Serving and ex-Serving injured troops with a passion for speed and the slogan ‘You don’t need all your limbs to race… just British Bulldog Balls.’ KartForce has grown to over 40 racers and has seen great successes in go-karting events across the globe.

The team take part in some seriously intense competitions, such as events adding up to three days worth of endurance racing – so that is 72 hours of driving for just one event! You’d think this would be enough for even the most daring of adrenaline junkies, however there was a group of KartForcers who’s British Bulldog Balls were left yearning for something more. With a dream to ditch their go-karts and get behind the wheel of a championship motorcar and compete at the highest level of team endurance racing, Martyn Compton, Mark Allen, Danny Holland and Simon Khan became Team BRIT.

Team BRIT is aiming to make racing history by taking a team of injured troops to the world famous Le Mans 24hr endurance race. This mission, however, is so much more than just four guys seeking their latest bit of adrenaline and has a powerful message behind it. The racers of Team BRIT understand more than anybody the power that sport has in aiding and assisting post-trauma recovery.

“What’s worse is being told by someone you can’t do something when you know you bloody well can…” Lord Paul Drayson

During his time as part of the Household Cavalry, Martyn Compton was engulfed in flames after his armoured vehicle was hit by an IED and rocket propelled grenades, killing his three crew members. He was then shot twice as he reached for cover. On returning to the UK, Martyn hardly left his home and he says that the first time he summoned up the strength to attend a KartForce event, it took him 45 minutes to even leave his car and enter the building. Thankfully for KartForce and Team BRIT he did leave the car park; and four years on he is an extremely quick and consistent part of the team, who will race at nearly every possible event possible and isn’t one to shy away from a top place finish on the podium!

It is the opportunity to race at Le Mans that is the finishing line for the boys. Team BRIT look to compete against teams of able-bodied drivers of the highest quality on a completely level playing field in order to inspire others, go against assumptions and make their ability known worldwide.

And it is Kumho Tyre’s honour to be able to be part of this journey. We have supplied Team BRIT with sets of racing tyres with the hope  that our tyres’ quality, performance and resistance can help them reach the ultimate goal of racing at Le Mans. Good luck guys!