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June 2018

By Giants and Titans

Posted in Motorsports

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Kobus & Wild take 7th place at Ypres Rally

Hermen Kobus and Erik de Wild closed Renties Ypres Rally in 7th place last weekend, giving Hermen confidence for his next appointment in the Dutch Championship, the GTC Rally that starts on the 14th July at Breda International Airport.

It was a very intense week in the West Flanders Ypres, where the action kicked off on Thursday evening with the Qualifying Stages. Kobus clocked the 10th fastest time and he was not entirely satisfied with that.

“We still have a small problem with the mapping of the new evolution engine, which does not yet respond perfectly to the petrol we need to use here,” Hermen said.

On Saturday morning, the Dutch champion continued to fight and halfway through the second day Hermen found his smile.

“We changed a few things and suddenly the car felt familiar again. I regained my confidence and was able to attack, but it was a shame that the race had already been driven for the most part. However,  I have confidence for our next appointment, the GTC Rally. The rhythm of Ypres will also come in handy because it was incredibly fast.”

As he predicted, Hermen had to get used to the speed on the Belgian tracks.

“I know, 200 km/h is 200 km/h, but it feels completely different on a Dutch road than on a narrow, bumpy road in Ypres, where it seems like you’re driving at 250 km/h. For years in the Belgian championship, I was so used to that rhythm and speed that I was battling with Kris Princen and Vincent Verschueren, but here I could not follow them, just because of that lack of rhythm.”

Hermen Kobus remains top of the table despite last weekend’s round creating a point difference in the Benelux European Rally Trophy. We now look ahead to GTC Rally on July 14, where Hermen wants to confirm his victory in the ELE Rally.