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March 2016

By Kumho Marketing

Posted in Motorsports

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Crosse strikes again at the Donington Rally

If you’re a fan of an awesome bit of rally racing, you’ve come to the right place. Normally we would finish the blog post with the video but this one is such a good watch; we’ve got to start with it straight away…

What a race, with some seriously gripping footage from Jesse Crosse and team! It was an impressive performance from Crosse and his Ford Escort RS MK2, which could more than handle the challenges from the Donington Rally. I mean, did you see that corner at 2:35?!

Crosse took on the track with the help of his Kumho Ecsta C03 moulded slicks. See the extract below from his blog post:

“Some chose to run intermediates or hand-cut wets, in which the movement of the tread helps generate heat. As the track was just damp, I went for my usual dry tyres, the Kumho Ecsta C03 moulded slicks, but chose the softest K12 compound instead of medium rear and soft front. On a warm day the power would destroy the soft rears but in the freezing conditions, I’d needed all the grip I could get. Like a muppet, I once again had failed to scrub them in.

For a while, I’ve followed the received wisdom amongst drivers of running low tyre pressures to generate heat. After the last post, Kumho’s tech team got in touch to explain that this encourages heating of the sidewalls but not the tread. They recommend higher pressures to support the sidewalls and force the tread to do the work. So I started with 26psi all round and we saw around 32 coming off the stages, which Kumho says is a good place to be. We stayed with that all day and the wear was much more forgiving with less chunking than normal.”

Not only are you getting an insight into a good ol’bit of rally action, but there’s also some specialist knowledge from the experts at Kumho Tyre for any budding rally drivers out there.

Our favourite part of the video has to be when Crosse and his MK2 overtook that Subaru Impreza at 1:46. Shows what a Millington Powered Escort MK2 can overtake on the flat!

Crosse finished 14th from around 78 starters – an improvement from the 27th place he took the last time he was at Donington.

Seriously impressive work Jesse, it’s great to be able to see our tyres in action and driven to such an expert standard. To find out more about the rally and all of the action that took place, be sure to check out Jesse’s blog post by clicking here.

Also, get more info about all of our rally tyres by clicking here.