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January 2015

By Holly

Posted in Kumho News

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Winter Car Survival Kit Wrapped Up

The weather outside is frightful but the inside of a broken down car is anything but delightful.

If you don’t have another passenger there to steal warmth from, you may be very glad you read this post and prepared yourself an emergency car kit. So what do you need in said emergency kit? The RAC have compiled a list of all the essentials you may need:

– Torch and batteries or a wind-up torch
– Warm clothes and blankets
– Boots
– Jump start cables
– Warning triangle
– Phone charger
– Road map
– Umbrella
– Waterproof jacket
– High visibility jacket
– Ice scraper
– De-icer
– Snow shovel

Check out the RAC interactive page for further tips.

We would also recommend some other goodies while you wait for assistance, because using up your phone battery updating Facebook isn’t the best option. So ensure you bring along a good read, we’d recommend the latest Kumho tyre manual…just kidding! But joking aside, don’t forget to bring non-perishable snacks, so you won’t have to rely on the half eaten packet of soft crisps stuffed in the glove box.

Before you even set off, we would advise the following:

– Check the weather! If extreme weather conditions are predicted, only travel if absolutely essential
– Make sure your phone is fully charged and if possible, have a charger in your car
– Tell others you are on your way, then the alarm can be raised if you fail to arrive when expected
– If your usual route takes you down windy country roads maybe try to stay on main roads where possible or have a second route as backup
– If you are feeling sleepy behind the wheel, find a safe place for a nap. Better to arrive late and safe!

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