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January 2016

By Kumho Marketing

Posted in Kumho News

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What’s next in the evolution of the tyre?

It’s got to that point in the new year when you look back and think – “Wow, where did 2015 go?” It might seem like it has come around too soon, but 2016 looks like it will be an exciting year for tyres. We’ve had a look at some of the best tyre concepts and ideas that are set to change how we drive in the future. Some we might be seeing in 2016, others are that bit more futuristic!

Weed tyres
Tyres… made of weeds? Dandelions could hold the future to tyre materials. We’re not joking, dandelions are being researched as a sustainable material choice and in the future you could be driving around on tyres made from your garden pickings. If your garden’s full of weeds between the slabbing, who knows, maybe you’ve got yourself a full set of four in there!

Electro-Magnetic Tyres
Be prepared for some clever sounding words here… We’ve created an eco-friendly racing car concept using an innovative material called Electro-Active-Polymer. The ‘Epoch’ will be the green Le Mans racing car of the future. The tyres are responsive to electric current, with wheel hubs and rims that contain magnets and an electro magnetic field will alter the tread and shape of the tyres to ensure maximum performance in all driving conditions.

Soybean tyres
Using soybean in a tyre could form a better bond with the silica that is used to make tyres. And before you ask, no Baked Beans will not do the job as well or inflate the tyres “magically”!

Tyres that fix themselves
We announced the launch of self-sealing tyres into the Korean domestic market products at the start of last year; and the‘K-Seal’ technology has already been introduced into the Kumho Majesty Solus range. It offers some protection against punctures of up to five millimetres in diameter. Watch this space for more. Your tyres may soon be able to save themselves from those pesky punctures.

Chip tyres
Weed tyres… Bean tyres… And now Chip tyres? Seriously? A potato tyre? No, fortunately we’re not on about that kind of chip. R&D is looking into inserting an electronic chip into tyres so they can communicate with the car and advise of issues, tread depth remaining, etc. Talking tyres? Sounds like something The Hoff would appreciate on Kitt!

All weather tyre
And finally, The Kumho Maxplo, otherwise known as the “ultimate all-weather product.” Our concept tyre features tread blocks that adjust to suit all weather conditions from dry to snow-covered roads – in the wet, a clever combination of circumferential and three-dimensional grooves effectively pumps water from the contact patch. In typically slippery on/off road conditions the tread broadens to optimise traction and braking power, while spikes are unveiled to deal with the dangers of snow and ice. Who needs weeds when you have spikes?