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September 2014

By Holly

Posted in Kumho News

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Welcome to the Kumho Experience 2014

We wanted to ensure various people were up to scratch with the latest and greatest Kumho tyres, and we believe there is only one logical way to do this…and it involves Rockingham Speedway, kick plates, water, BMWs, Hyundais, Mercedes, the help of an Ariel Atom and a literal truck load of tyres!

So what exactly have we had in store for our dealers?

Living in the UK, you may (without a doubt) experience the occasional rainy day. So it only made sense to put everyone to the skid avoidance test. With water walls and a polished surface (and the addition of an up-close and personal go pro) we can monitor their reactions and teach them how to overcome an unexpected skid.

Our tyres will then be put to a number of tests including a trip round the national circuit, which holds the famous Tarzan hairpin bend. Then onto the slalom and soft road experience, where they’ll learn to stabalise a vehicle whilst zipping in and out of obstacles, and then to the Oval for a comfortable ride (we felt they could do with a break). But that’s where the niceties end as it’s back to the off road challenge where they’ll navigate mud, slopes and other tough challenges.

The last challenge will take more mental determination than anything as they entrust their lives to our expert instructors and our first class tyres 😉 Let’s introduce you to the fear inducing machines:

Ford Focus Rally Car

Don’t be fooled, this is no ordinary Ford Focus. In fact this one you wouldn’t see on the school run or parking badly at your local supermarket! It’s more likely to be found predominantly driving sideways whilst tackling twists, turns and jumps at mind-altering speeds, reaching up to 130mph at the same time. Fancy sitting in?

Not only does it do all of the above but it’s history is equally impressive, driven by the likes of  Petter Solburg and David Wright. Don’t believe us? Click the number plate V2 FMC to find out more.


Ariel Atom

In the world of Ariel such trivialities such as windscreens, roofs, doors and interior niceties are just seen as distractions. After all, when you are pulling 0-60 in 2.7 seconds do you really need to turn up the aircon or put on a CD? Nope. So sit down, strap in, hold tight and don’t scream…too loud! Earplugs are optional!


We’ll be back with an update on which team came tops!

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