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April 2017

By Kumho Marketing

Posted in Kumho News

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Summer Tyre Care for your tyres

Although we are not always the luckiest with our Summer weather here in Britain, it is still important to keep an eye on your tyres during the warmer weather.

Last year, temperatures in the UK hit a whopping 33.5 degrees Celsius. And although few and far between, if you walked bare feet on the tarmac on one of these days, you’d probably feel like your feet were melting. So spare a thought for your poor tyres.


Luckily, you won’t need to be applying factor 30 to your tyres anytime soon. However, we’ve put together a list of tips that will help to keep your tyres in the best possible condition during the summer months.

Tyre pressure

Heat can take its toll on your tyres as both rubber and air can expand depending on the temperature. You just have to throw it back to the science lesson at school to know that air expands as it heats. This increases air pressure in your tyres as they get warmer. Because of this, tyre pressure constantly changes during warm weather.


As a result, tyres can easily becoming under-inflated or over-inflating during the summer. An under-inflated tyre might swell outward and exerts pressure on the sidewalls of the tyre. With constant heat exposure and increasing sidewall pressure, the tyre might blow.


Over-inflation can damage the treads and in some of the worst cases, it can also cause the tyre to burst. We’d recommend that you check your pressures on a weekly basis. You could also try pouring water on the rubber to cool it down on the hotter days, as well as trying your best to park your car in the shade when possible.

Tyre valves

Tyre valves are also important to check. They may be small but size does not matter. You should check that they are in proper shape and that the cap cover is fitted appropriately.

Spare tyres

Make sure the tyres (including the spare) are free from damage and have at least the minimum legal tread depth (1.6mm around central 3⁄4 of tread). Consider changing your tyres if they are getting close to the legal limit.

Other checks

It is best to check your tyres just before the summer in order to check for cracks. Now’s the perfect time to check them over and make sure they are good to go. We might not be able to guarantee the weather, but you should make sure your tyres give you the best drive possible whatever the weather. Come rain or shine!