May 2016

By Gray

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Our Blind Tyre Test

What happened when some of the top professional racers in America were asked to test out a selection of the world’s most high performance tyres without knowing the brand?

Hitting the track in a Dodge Viper and an Audi R8 at high speed with top quality tyres… Sounds fun, right?

But here’s the tough bit. After completing the laps, the professional racing drivers were asked to take a guess on which tyres they had been driving. And because of the impressive performance of the tyres, the usual big brand racing tyres were suggested. Let’s just say they were surprised when they found out the actual brand…

Check out a short video of the Tyre Blind Test below:

This wasn’t just an excuse to have a bit of fun in some seriously awesome supercars. The test demonstrates the extreme driveability of both cars when fitted with Kumho’s new supercar tyre, the ECSTA V720, which is standard fit on the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR and has been recently launched on the US replacement market. With no idea of the tyre that they had just been driving, the drivers sure were impressed with the performance of the ECSTA V720. Just some of their comments can be seen below:


“Oh it was a blast! I mean, both cars, tons of power, tons of fun.”


“Very predicatable. Very precise.”


“The tyres were able to communicate with me.”


So what is the aim of this campaign? Well, it’s all about changing your perceptions. You might not think that Kumho Tyre is able to compete with the big brand tyres, but trust us, we will surprise you.

“We are looking to change consumer attitudes and focus on the quality of our products.” Dirk Rockendorf, Marketing Director of Kumho Tyre Europe.

To check out the full video of the Blind Tyre Test, click here. Or if you want to be equally impressed with the performance of our tyres, see our full range by clicking the link here.