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May 2016

By Tom Shattock

Posted in Kumho News

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Oppa Kumho Style! Kumho Tyre joins forces with PSY

Unless you were living under a rock back in 2012, it’s not likely that you missed PSY and his track ‘Gangnam Style’ take over the world. And let’s admit it… we all had a go at it again and again and again. Okay… maybe just us.


PSY’s achievements are endless; most viewed video online, most ‘liked’ video online, first video to be viewed over one billion times on YouTube, most viewed video online in 24 hours, first video to be viewed over TWO billion times.

It turns out PSY and Kumho Tyre have a lot in common. Great movement. Infectious performance. Incredible turns. Undeniable speed and talent. And of course, we are both globally-successful exports from South Korea. So it made sense for us to collaborate with the South Korean Viral Legend on a project together!

We have released a music video in South Korea, combining PSY’s recent song “Good Day Will Come” from his seventh album with our brand slogan “Better, All-Ways”. If the extent of your grasp of the South Korean language does not go much further than “Oppa” and “Gangnam Style”, we’ve supplied a shorter version of the music video below…


After watching, unless you’re fluent in South Korean (and maybe even if you are) you might be thinking: ‘But what’s the message?’. Well, the message is one of hope for young people caught up in the stresses of life and in demanding, repetitive jobs. The song aims to spread the word that Kumho will continue to deliver better value to its customers and help them to have a better experience.

“We expect the music video will significantly increase our brand recognition. We decided to adopt the branded content approach to share the values with customers and make them feel closer to us. We hope the song and video will inspire and console struggling youths.” Ju Kyung-ta, VP of Marketing, Kumho Tire Korea.

If as a result of reading this you’ve grown a penchant for all things K-Pop, check out the full PSY and Kumho Tyre video by clicking here.

With the video already having had 370,000 views on YouTube and climbing it’s clearly very popular. Time to Dance!