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September 2015

By Kumho Marketing

Posted in Kumho News

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Kumho Tyre sponsoring sport across the Globe

We have played our part in supporting Motorsports for years and have been a proud sponsor of many of the best drivers to hit the tracks. From China to the US, Australia to the UK, we can be seen as dominating the pole positions and maintaining our position as an industry leader in Motorsports and the tyre industry.

But did you know that Kumho Tyre also put their backing into a multitude of different sports across the world? In a diverse list that comprises of football, skiing, taekwondo, handball, horse racing and golf, Kumho invest in some of the brightest stars and put their name to some of the biggest events in order to encourage and support an incredible sporting world.

We are going to take a look at some of our sponsorships from either end of the world, and you’ll be surprised how many do not involve four wheels!


Horse Racing in Sweden

Kumho horse powerIn recent years, Horse Racing has become a massive industry within Sweden and is now its own entertainment industry that employs thousands around the country. It has even said to be of huge economic importance as it grows bigger every year – and Kumho are now part of this! We are more prone to changing tyres than we are horse shoes, however Kumho is a gold sponsor for Sweden’s massively popular V75 racing series. I guess we are experts in horsepower.


Golf in Australia


Kumho has had strong links to the golf course in Australia for a couple of years and this has recently been updated with a two-year sponsorship deal for the Australian PGA Championship. Kumho are not only supporting Australia’s answers to Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, as we are also keen to support the sport at the grass-roots. Kumho have partnered with the Holden Scramble which is the Australia’s largest and most successful pro-amateur team event. Playing at a Pro-amateur level may seem a bit of a way off for most of us who are more likely to land the ball in the pond than score an albatross; yet Kumho are demonstrating their passion for supporting sport at every level and helping players of all skill-sets reach that next level.


Taekwondo in the UK

Louise Mair2

Kumho Tyre holds a natural fit with Taekwondo in the UK. Taekwondo is the national sport of South Korea and has seen much success with its British talent – and as an orginally South Korean tyre brand with strong foundations in the UK – Kumho Tyre can relate! London 2012 saw brilliant results for the Taekwondo Team GB; a bronze from Lutalo Muhammad and an unforgetable gold win from the 22 year old Jade Jones from North Wales. The aim now for British Taekwondo is success at Rio 2016.


Basketball in the USA


The NBA is a huge deal in America, with almost 18 million people tuning in to its final in 2014. Whether it’s cheering for the Chicaco Bulls or hoping for a hoop from the New York Knicks, you cannot go far in the USA without getting a taste of its basketball fever. In February 2014, Kumho became the first official tyre partnership. But you need to look beyond the ball and a tyre to understand the real similarities between the expertise basketballing and the art of tyre making. One is all about handling, control, speed and grip and… well so is the other! Check out the super-slick announcement video!


Excellence is not only something that we strive for on the road, but also throughout our continued efforts in promoting and supporting sport. At Kumho Tyre, we aim to continue inspiring generations, maintaining excellence and providing entertainment for millions.