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October 2016

By Kumho Marketing

Posted in Kumho News

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Kumho Tyre at Silverstone for the Kumho Experience 2016

The Kumho Experience 2016 kicked off last week at the legendary Silverstone racetrack and what a week it was! From Lambos to Ariel Atoms, Rally-racing to Audi R8s, Off-roading to even a few appearances from some Tottenham Hotspur legends – it was a fantastic few days for everyone involved.



We invited Kumho Tyre dealers from across Great Britain and Ireland to come on down and take on the track with our tyres and the turnout was incredible (a special shout-out to the guys from Ireland who trekked around 400 miles to be there!). Well, I guess the offer to take a lap around Silverstone in a Lamborghini Gallardo is a pretty tough one to turn down, right?



So what did the day entail? Well, we know everyone likes to get a little bit competitive – especially when supercars are involved. The aim of the day was to test out our offerings and the dealers were scored for each tyre they took out. Our professional instructors scored based on finesse, precision and skills in an array of different driving disciplines that included off-roading, dirt rally racing and on the racetrack. Each section of the test, of course, was paired perfectly with one of tyres.

On the race track, we saw Audi R8s passing Lamborghini Gallardos, closely followed by an Ariel Atom, with a Fiat 500 Abarth not far behind and a cheeky Alfa Romeo 4C or two also putting on a good show. Each dealer got a chance to get behind the wheel of each car and was scored based on their performance.



Both the Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8 were riding on ECSTA PS91s. These are tyres that are developed for the world’s fastest supercars. Think precise steering, excellent dry handling performance and outstanding high-speed stability.



One of our most established tyres – the ECSTA HS51 – was seen on the Alfa Romeo 4Cs. They offered maximum ride comfort and well balanced performance for the Alfa Romeo. Their excellent traction made for the perfect answer to taking on the bends at Silverstone.


Also seen on the racetrack was the iconic Ariel Atom. These legendary motors were driven by the professionals; with the dealers taking the passenger’s seat for two laps that they would not be forgetting anytime soon! The Atom was paired beautifully with the V70A.


The outstanding driving stability of the ECSTA PS71s was tested on the Fiat 500 Abarths. These tyres offer improved wet performance – but arguably luckily for everyone at Silverstone across the three days, the great weather meant that aquaplaning didn’t come into the equation!


Aside from the track, the dealers got the chance to take on the Silverstone off-roading experience in beastly Land Rover Defenders with equally beastly Road Venture MT51s. They offered balanced on and off-road driving with excellent off-road traction. The dealers may have already proven their prowess on the track, but how will they do off the track?



Finally was the chance to enjoy a bit of dirt rallying before the day was over. The R800 gravel rally tyres saw the dealers experience the dirt in style. Expertly driven across Silverstone’s special rally stage, the course showed off the R800’s ability to seriously eat dirt!



Okay, the driving experience was pretty special. But do you know what would top the day off even more? How about some appearances from some of the most legendary Tottenham Hotspurs icons out there? Okay! We were lucky enough to have a Q&A from none other than Ledley King, Clive Allen, Osvaldo Ardiles and Micky Hazard.



Clive Allen


It was a fantastic few days and we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved! From all the dealers who made the trip to everyone behind the scenes – the Kumho Experience 2016 was quite the experience!