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March 2016

By Tom Shattock

Posted in Kumho News

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Kumho Tyre have been working across the globe to try and achieve a more sustainable future for everybody; whether that’s the quest to achieve the perfect green tyre, reducing emissions across our production efforts or working alongside local communities to achieve a better tomorrow.

Over in our hometown of Korea, Kumho Tyre have just been awarded an environment award from the Seoul Metropolitan Government for our corporate social responsibility activities.

“Kumho Tire has continuously carried out various environment events jointly with the SMG as a part of its CSR activities. The company will continue its effort to contribute to introducing a greener and eco-friendlier city to our future generation.” Cho Nam-hwa, Managing Director at Kumho Tyre.


Last April, Kumho Tyre hosted an green activity event, where more than 400 of our employees in Korea joined local residents to plant a total of 1,500 trees to help reduce carbon emissions.

Other efforts include the development of the Kumho Solus ECO KH19.

Solus KH19

Based on proprietary technologies including KADAS (tyre structure simulation technology), ESCOT (tyre contour optimisation technology) and TTIA (tyre-terrain interaction analysis), this line of green tires boasts a 35 percent improvement in rolling resistance and a six percent decrease in CO2 emissions to be precise. It is also made of more eco-friendly materials, including low PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) oils and non-petroleum fillers.

That’s a lot of long words, so you know that these tyres are pretty intelligent. UK, watch this space ’til you will get the chance to purchase these greener alternatives.