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June 2014

By Gray

Posted in Kumho News

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Can you open your car bonnet?

Despite almost 7,000 breakdowns occurring in the UK each day*, over 1 in 5 drivers don’t know how to open their car bonnet**.

After conducting a survey into car maintenance know-how in the UK, we found that nearly half of British road users wouldn’t know where to start if they suffered a flat tyre. A third of drivers say they would call for help from a road side assistance organisation, and one in six drivers in their 30s still rely on mum and dad to save the day.

More alarmingly, the survey found that a third of car users rely on their annual MOT as a sign that their car is fit for use, despite the fact that an MOT inspection will not identify most mechanical faults or even guarantee that a vehicle is roadworthy for the life of the certificate.

Despite Britain’s proud motoring heritage and the popularity of driving shows like Top Gear, it appears a proportion of British car users lack even a basic knowledge of how their vehicle operates.

Dan Woodward, brand manager at Kumho Tyre UK, said: “It’s a concern that such a large proportion of British road users don’t know basic car maintenance, especially something as crucial as accessing the engine bay!

“A fundamental knowledge of how your car operates ensures that drivers recognise potential warning signs, improving safety for all road users. Perhaps British drivers need to go back to basics.”

This survey follows research by TyreSafe, which found that more than a third of young drivers (18-25 year olds) had never checked their tread depth and a quarter had never checked their tyre pressure***.

*RAC ‘Breakdown Britain’, March 2014
**500 people surveyed by Gorkana Surveys, April 2014
***Statistics courtesy of TyreSafe