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June 2019

By Giants and Titans

Posted in Kumho News

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According to its General Manager, Ronan O’Connell, Alltyres Trading Ltd has always been a technology-led company. Now, in order to contribute to the saviour of the planet while reducing the cost of deliveries to local garages, the firm has purchased an electric van for use by its retail outlet, Barkingside Tyres & Brakes. It has also comprehensively refurbished the exterior and reception area of that company’s prominent high street premises. Over both issues it was assisted by Kumho Tyres, whose livery the projects strongly reflect.

The Nissan van that goes by the name of KEV – Kumho Electric Vehicle – not only has environmentally-friendly propulsion, but rides on special lightweight, low friction Kumho WATTRUN VS31 tyres, especially designed to complement the inherently green attributes of electrically powered vans and cars. It also has its own charging station on the premises. The changes to the building, whose attractive bold graphics make it considerably more eye-catching than before, have markedly improved the look of the busy corner site concerned.

Commenting on the success of the joint venture, Kumho Area Sales Manager Simon Carey said: “The relationship between our two companies has built up over four to five years, and it’s been great to be able to support the go-ahead ideas for Barkingside Tyres & Brakes, which have definitely benefited both their customers and everybody living and shopping in the busy area in which they are located.”

Added Ronan O’Connell: “We’re very grateful to Kumho for its assistance with the van, which has immediately made our business more efficient and environmentally friendly. The tyre company’s input over the redecoration and striking new signage of our Barkingside side branch is also much appreciated, and has already resulted in numerous favourable comments and a discernible uplift in business.”

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