March 2015

By Holly

Posted in Kumho News

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Are you an anti-social driver?

If you happen to be a motorist fond of hogging the middle lane or splashing oblivious pedestrians, you may be in for a shock….and if you happen to be a motorist who frequently witnesses poor driving etiquette, you may be pleasantly surprised! The police have started imposing £100 on-the-spot penalty notices to the thousands of inconsiderate motorists around the UK, with at least 10,000 people having already received the fine.

So what can land you the penalty? The offences some motorists have already committed include reading a paper at the wheel, using closed roads and speeding past school children.

Despite this surge in combating ‘anti-social’ driving, some groups have noted that it’s a ‘postcode lottery’ for drivers. Some areas have used their new powers extensively whereas others have not fined any motorists at all. Hotspots include Police Scotland, where 3,252 £100 fines were issued and the Metropolitan Police Service with 1,397 fines, whereas Essex police have yet to hand out a penalty.

Here are our top five fines:

  1. Allowing pedestrians to cross a road, then accelerating through a puddle with intention to drench
  2. Traffic build up caused by a tractor not pulling over
  3. Motorists racing each other through traffic lights
  4. Driver distracted by acts of a female passenger
  5. Driving with a mattress across the front passenger seat obstructing the drivers view and resulting in an emergency stop to avoid pedestrians

If you haven’t committed any of the above, give yourself a pat on the back and carry on with your impeccable driving!

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