Kumho Tyre   Neal Shore

“The PS71 – Confidence Inspiring”

    • What were your very first impressions of the tyres? Tell us how the first drive in your new tyres went.

The very first impressions were they very noisy with little dry grip. This faded over the first few miles. The tires are now very quiet and grip brilliantly. The shoulder is nice and firm so the change of direction is good giving confidence to push a car into a corner.

They have a good blend of economy and grip sticky enough to thrill without burning tank after tank of fuel.Wet grip feels more stable than dry grip. In the dry the grip builds up gradually inspiring confidence but then let’s go at the limit not as progressively as some but in a manageable manner. Wet grip is better than anything else I have driven offering so much lateral grip that progress can be very quick indeed.


    • How do your new tyres compare to your previous tyres?

I have run two sets of tyres previously on my GT86. The stock Michelin primacy hp and the Yokohama advan sport V105.

Compared to the Michelin everything is better with the PS71. The new tyre offers better economy less road noise and a better ride. The difference in grip is like chalk and cheese the primacy lets go at very slow speeds preventing some driving technics like trail braking as this provokes a spin every time. The PS71s offer plenty of grip when driven smoothly and are willing to play when provoked.

Compared to the Yokos. It’s much closer. The Yoko is softer so provides much high maximum grip levels in the dry and feeds more information back to the driver about the road surface. The PS71 offers more fuel economy through its harder compound yet maintains very high levels of grip. In the wet the PS71 exceeds the V105 for max grip. The Yoko is the quieter tyre also.

  Kumho Tyre   Neal Shore

    • How have your new tyres faired during both dry conditions and wet?

Dry grip is excellent. It encourages confidence by building gradually to their limit but can be a little unpredictable when pushed past the limit not having much reserve grip.

They have a tendency to promote safe understeer which can bet tamed by moving the weight of the car around to press the front tyres on to the tarmac. This to me makes driving more engaging as the driver is more involved.

The PS71 is willing to break traction at low speeds when provoked allowing safe overseer when safe and appropriate.

Dry braking could be a little better when trying to trail brake the ABS would regularly kick in so there is a lack of either stability or outright braking grip.

In the wet they are simply the best tyre I have driven beating the KU39 which was my go to wet track tyre by a long way. The lateral grip is superb beating many premium tyres I have tried on previous cars. Wet breaking exceeded all expectations allowing very firm braking without setting off the ABS which means there is plenty of grip in reserve.

  Kumho Tyre   Neal Shore

    • How would you describe the comfort levels of your new tyres?

Perfectly adequate for normal road use. After the first few miles they are very quiet and the ride comfort is great for long journeys. My personal preference would be a little more sidewall support but that would detract from the overall comfort level.


    • How have you found the tyres’ handling capabilities so far?

Handling is great. The turn in is sharp and the lateral grip is great. There is a tendency to understeer but this can be tamed by actually driving.

For the most part the grip is very predictable for what feels a hard compound tyre but the trade-off is better economy and that’s a hard balance to find.

Other tyres will generate better g forces but as an all-round tyres the PS71 is extremely impressive.

Kumho Tyre   Neal Shore

    • Tell us about an interesting journey you’ve had or an exciting destination you’ve been to recently in your tyres.

I used the tyres and my GT86 to enter a round of the Toyota sprint series and the PS71s performed brilliantly. All the other competitors were running Yoko v105s or Goodyear eagle f1s or Michelin PS4s.

The sudden appearance of the Kumho brand did make ripples in the paddock especially when they turned out to be so competitive. They launched off the line better than any other tyre there in dry conditions lending themselves to straight line acceleration. Though the bends the grip was excellent as they warmed up quickly and stayed within a good operating band. They hung on well only losing out to the softer compound Yoko v105 in the corners.

The braking was the only weak point of the tyre making threshold braking difficult as no matter how hard I tried to mediate the pressure on the peddle the ABS kept interrupting even with the system turned off as much as possible.

At the end of the day I finished 4th in class with everyone quick running Yoko tyres and at least 40hp more due to various modifications. Very pleasing.

Kumho Tyre   Neal Shore

One happy girlfriend at race day!

Kumho Tyre   Neal Shore