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Better mileage and traction for commercial vans. The radial 857 is widely accepted for its durability, traction and high mileage performance.

  • Radial tyre for commercial light trucks,transporters and vans
  • Balanced pattern arrangement for increased mileage and traction
  • Straight centre grooves and optimised sipe sequence on all four ribs

Portran KC53

Designed for maximum performance on the latest generation of commercial vans. Superb high-speed handing combined with low tread wear.

  • Outstanding dry handling, even under maximum load
  • Precise steering ability when cornering, especially in wet conditions
  • High durability and low fuel consumption
  • improved wet handling and reduced risk of aquaplaning

Portran CW51

  • Latest Winter Tyre for Vans
  • Optimised sipes for perfect grip on ice and snow
  • Higher mileage and even wear through symmetric pattern design
  • With M+S marking and snowflake (3PMSF)


By Tony Pearce

Grips great on Snow & ice roads compared to summer tyres I can travel a lot more confidently in snow.