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(Cover image credit: BPW-Galleries Photography.)
When the organising team behind the recent Riponian Forest Rally (held in the notoriously slippery and challenging North Yorkshire moors) needed a safe pair of ‘boots’ for their eventsafety car they knew who to ask, and the Kumho R800s on the Ford Escort performed perfectly guiding the all-important final safety ‘zero’ car through the 120 mile route.
“We were delighted to be invited to run as safety car on this highly-regarded event, and as the last official car to run through the stages before the first competitor it was essential that we got around the route without any punctures or other issues. I had total faith in the Kumho R800s, and the excellent grip and traction allowed us to concentrate on the safety job in hand rather than struggling to control the car over the slippery surfaces.” David Hutchinson
Kumho Tyre   Kumho Tyre: The First Choice for Rally Safety Crew

Image Credit: Andy Ellis

Assistant Rally Clerk of the Course and experienced co-driver Neil Colman was alongside David in the Kumho-shod Escort to observe and report on the stage.
The Safety car’s primary role is to make a final check of the rally route, paying particular attention to any spectators who may be standing in dangerous areas and report back to Rally HQ at the end of each stage confirming whether it is safe for the rally stage to run competitively. Whilst not running at full speed the final of the 3 safety cars, termed the ‘zero’ car, must run at a reasonably competitive speed to help make the spectators aware that the competing cars are on their way close behind, and to check the stage layout and safety provisions.
Kumho Tyre   Kumho Tyre: The First Choice for Rally Safety Crew

Image Credit: Andy Ellis

The team were delighted to report that the Kumho tyres did their job and that the event, one of the few rallies still taking place through the classic North Yorkshire rally stages and ‘Heartbeat’ countryside, ran without a hitch. David and regular co-driver Jeff Garnett will be back together in the Kumho Tyre Ford Escort on the famous Malcolm Wilson Rally in the Lake District on March 11th.
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