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We have launched an innovative feature on our site, Kumho Tyre Review, that allows you to give us your opinions and review of our tyres, because we want to hear your feedback!

Your honest opinion is valuable, so don’t be shy in telling us what you think…hopefully all good!

This will not only be hugely useful for everyone when looking at tyre options but also for us here so that we can continue to develop our products for you.

By clicking on Our Tyres above in the navigation and then finding the relevant tyre, there is now the ‘Write a review’ button. All you have to do is simply fill out your info, give your opinion and rate your tyres up to 5 stars for Grip, Ride, Value and Noise. It’s super easy and won’t take long.

And if you’re looking to change your tyres in the next coming weeks or months, don’t forget that you will now be able to use the star-ratings to see what everyone else thinks!

Check out the video below to see how you can go about using our new Kumho Tyre review feature.

We hope you like it!

  1. Hi, I have a BMW that needs replacement tyres, the fronts are 225/14 R19 and the rears are 255/14 R19 – these are run flat tyres that are noisy,give a hard ride and have lasted not very long. I do only 6000 miles per annum, mostly low speed ,coal miles with occasional motorway drives. I intend to install conventional tyres, have heard good things of Kumho and wondered what you might recommend.
    Thanks Roy

    • Tom Shattock

      Hi Roy. Unfortunately, those sizes are incorrect, ideally we would need the correct sizes. If we were to guess that the rears are 255/35 R19 and the fronts are 225/40 R19, we would recommend fitting the latest UHP tyre, which is the PS91. The tyre has proven itself to give very good grip and handling without a significant loss in comfort. Bearing in mind that the tyre is designed primarily with grip/performance in mind (soft compound), we have had good testimonies with regards to tyre mileage.

  2. Looking to fit 4 new Kumho tyres to my Mercedes E280 model 2001, currently fitted with Continental Compact. Size 215 55 R16 very noisy and a hard ride. Have spoken to local dealer, he is not sure which tyre will give me the smoothest and quietest ride. I do not do high mileage, will not buy Continental again.
    Which would be best tyre HS31 or HS51 or any other.
    Your advice would be appreciated.
    I await your reply.

    • Digital Team

      Hi Tony, Our HS51 range certainly are very quiet as they have been designed for what we call touring and therefore comfort and road noise have both been factored in to the tyre. Hope this helps and do let us know what you think when you have the tyres fitted. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

      • Thanks for info. Have fitted 4 HS51 tyres to my Mercedes. As you quote they are much quieter than the Continentals I had fitted, much lower noise and far more comfortable. Very impressed. Although I have only covered around 200 miles with these tyres, superb.
        Had to do an emergency stop in the wet, brake assist came on and we just stopped, no skidding or tyre noise. To conclude, have had four Kumho tyres fitted to my wife’s Toyota, same overall results, very impressed. To impress my wife is not easy!!.

        • Digital Team

          Hi Tony, thanks for letting us know that you’re happy with the HS51 tyres. We’re also glad we have impressed your hard-to-impress wife! Hopefully you’ve scored some Brownie points too 🙂 We’d love to know how you get on after some more miles on the tyres.

  3. I have fitted Kumho Ecsta V70A tyre to my Caterham hillclimb car for the last 6 years (3 sets). They are great and I can’t fault them. But they are Class G for rolling resistance and Class G tyres are now illegal for OEM fit and will not be permitted by MSA for 2016. Other manufacturers, e.g. Avon and Toyo have released new tyres that meet Class F which should be OK. What are Kumho doing?

    • Thanks for the question Ray! It is true that many of our V70A tyres do not meet the latest tyre labelling criteria so we will use a clause in the EU legislation and the tyres will carry a label to indicate that they are exempt from the EU labelling legislation. For 2016, the MSA are introducing an additional Motorsport Tyre list called List 1c. The V70A will move from the current List 1b to List 1c, so it will still be eligible for MSA governed events as long as the series organiser amends their regulations to allow List 1c tyres. Many of our competitors tyres will also move to List 1c. If we were to modify the tyres to comply with the new labelling legislation, their performance would undoubtedly be compromised. Hope this helps!


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