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You’re looking for a high-end super-grippy performance tyre for your sports car. You want something which takes the corners at speed, exceptional grip and substantial braking stability. You’ve paid enough for your supercar, so you want to treat it to the best, right?

Kumho Tyre   Super Tyre for the Supercar: The Kumho PS91

Well UK, the wait is almost over for the super-tyre for supercars, with super performance at super value comes to our market. Sounds… Super.

The PS91 is positioned as Kumho’s optimum high-performace road product, sitting just above our crowd-pleaser, the Ecsta Le Sport KU39. Our focus is on maximum grip and braking performance, combined with outstanding feel.

We don’t think that any of these qualities have been achieved without being at the expense of other key factors – until now.

Kumho Tyre   Super Tyre for the Supercar: The Kumho PS91

So what kind of cars will suit this super-tyre? It’s aimed at supercars, as well as ultra-quick passengers saloons like BMW M models, Mercedes-Benz AMG models and Audi RS makes.

“High performance cars place much greater demands on tyres than regular passenger cars so it’s essential the right rubber is fitted to these thoroughbreds of the road.

“The PS91 is the ultimate choice for high performance cars whether for the track or for everyday use offering a balance between good ride and super high performance capabilities.”

David Basha, Kumho Marketing Manager, Australia.

Using an advanced silica compound, the Ecsta PS91 provides exceptional grip for acceleration, braking and cornering, according to the brand. It also uses stiffer sidewalls and tread blocks compared with some of the rival tyres, which helps to cope with high stress levels.

And here’s something extra special about these tyres. Interestingly, a set of four consists of two distinct, separate tread patterns for the front and rear. While the fronts are made for cornering, the rears are set up for launching/acceleration and cornering. Perfect.

The ECSTA PS91 is only weeks away from being available in the UK. So stay tuned for more updates. UK, are you ready?

Check out some more info about the tyre from when it entered the Australian market below:


  1. Rich Glenn

    Hi Tom, will this tyre fit a 2008 Chrysler 300c srt design

  2. gary. singleton

    Why will my supplier not fit your tyres to my Porsche?

    • Tom Shattock

      Hi Gary,

      It is likely that because our tyres are not homologated for Porsche, the handling of rear engined Porsche’s can be compromised by the fitment of tyres which are not specifically designed for them.


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