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Offenbach is a great city in Germany. Nice views of the Main river, close to Frankfurt and known for its pleasant bike rides!

Kumho Tyre   Looking fly in Offenbach

Bear with us here… Kumho Tyre aren’t diversifying into travel reviews (unfortunately). But if you are liking the sound of Offenbach so far, it gets even better. That’s because Offenbach is actually home to Kumho Tyre’s European HQ.

We’re proud to show off to you our new signage for our head offices. And you thought Offenbach couldn’t look anymore beautiful?

Kumho Tyre   Looking fly in Offenbach

Overlooking the city which also hosts the European headquarters of Honda and Hyundai, the new sign helps to make our offices stand out from the crowd. Nice work, Kumho Tyre Europe!

Kumho Tyre   Looking fly in Offenbach

Kumho Tyre   Looking fly in Offenbach


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