April 2015

By Kumho Marketing

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Introducing the Maxplo Concept

If the Batmobile and Light Cycle from Tron were to combine forces and create the ultimate ride, this would be their tyre of choice…


The Maxplo is an all weather, all location, all terrain concept tyre. Basically an invincible tyre. With intersectional large tread blocks and stable shoulder blocks to provide responsive handling, high-speed stability and traction on dry roads; this tyre is ready for anything you can throw at it. Circumferential and three dimensional grooves are aimed to pump water out from beneath the tyres footprint, ensuring minimised hydroplaning and wet traction. The internal structure is reinforced to enhance handling, improve high speed capability and ease travel over snow and mud terrains.

Here’s a few words from the designer: “A powerful visual signal, a seal, an identifier. The side of a tyre needs this recognition, this expression. A tyre needs a face and we think the new Kumho Tyre face is strong and distinctive. Visibility is vital and that face should immediately allow you to identify a Kumho Tyre even from a distance.” Nicely said!

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