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January 2015

By Kumho Marketing

Posted in Kumho News

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1 in 7 Risk Costly Breakdown

1 in 7 drivers could be in for a pricey breakdown during the winter months as they have either failed to get breakdown cover or don’t actually know if they are already covered.

Those most are risk, were the young drivers who are least likely to be covered. 23% of drivers asked by Halifax admitted they had no cover, compared to 8% of over-55s.

Let’s face it, breakdowns never occur at convenient times, and 29% of drivers admitted they had been unable to get to work due to breakdown. Many of the drivers were sloppy when it came to ensuring their car was roadworthy, despite the fact that on average the drivers clocked up 7,485 miles a year.

Now comes the bit we think is very important…checking the tyres!

The research found that 38% had last checked their tyres over a month ago and 12% had not checked them in over six months, which during the winter months is even more crucial. As is carrying the essentials for a breakdown in your car, which many of the drivers did not have. Click here to find out what safety equipment you should have in your car.

A spokesman for Halifax said: “It makes complete sense to look after your car in winter and all other times of the year as it will then look after you. Breakdown cover should be an essential part of every driver’s toolkit to combat winter weather.”

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